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Month: March 2018


I love Naquin’s Monster Haven series. I wasn’t sure if I would like a spin-off. Happily, I really enjoyed it. I also was a big I Dream of Jeannie fan as a kid, so I lived vicariously through Kam. (I haven’t dressed up as a genie yet! ☹) The Toast Genie food truck idea was awesome. I wanted her to yell, “Let them eat toast!” ala Marie Antoinette. Someone’s killing food truck owners. Dead bodies pile up as Kam strives to solve the mystery before all those business men are stuck sitting in the Chick-fil-A drive thru lane half their lunch break.

Discovered a new mystery writer!


Murder in the One Percent by Saralyn Richard

Wealthy friends gather at a mansion to celebrate the owner’s birthday. He receives many surprises—good ones like expensive cigars and one very bad one, a dead body. Detective Oliver Parrott is on the case and discovers suspects galore. The writing, reminiscent of Agatha Christie, is sharp as the creases on a bespoke suit and the ending is a surprise as delicious as a homemade truffle. Detective Parrott is a wonderful protagonist worthy of his own series. (Hint, hint, SR.)

Don’t blink and miss out! Our latest book, Blinked is out!


I love reading fantasy, so I am so excited that our first book in this genre is out. I had a wonderful time writing it. The book has four first person POVs:  Mindy, our main character, Mindy’s husband, Jim, a brownie, and a witch. Blinked is an urban fantasy set in the 70’s. The story opens with Mindy waking to discover a Cyclops in bed with her. Meanwhile, Jim has worries of his own. He’s been plucked from his wife’s side and transported to a new world full of magic and danger. The two worlds are linked and the inhabitants of both must find a way to communicate and exist in harmony.

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