Daisy Dukes ‘n Cowboy Boots

When big-city lawyer, Nolan Anderson, rolls into her small West Texas town, Ferina Kincaid goes into a tailspin of worry over losing her family’s ranch. She knows he’s been hired by town banker and long-time Kincaid nemesis, Lance Morrison, to bring havoc to her world. Morrison owns the land adjacent to Ferina’s property and will stop at nothing to take what is rightfully hers, even if it means digging up the past and hurting innocent bystanders. Dishonest cowhands are cheap in Brewster County, and the banker has enough men and cash to outlast and ruin her with his dirty tricks and vandalism. Hiring Nolan is just the latest of Morrison’s devious shenanigans, which have turned Kincaid Ranch upside-down, and—with more than just her land at stake—Ferina fears she’s no match for this too-handsome, smooth-talking lawyer.

Praise for Daisy Dukes ‘n Cowboy Boots

The latest from Reede, [Daisy Dukes ‘n Cowboy Boots], is an entertaining contemporary romance that offers likeable characters, well-developed settings, and a generous dose of Southern Charm. Ferina and Nolan are strong protagonists whose relationship grounds a multilayered plot. The supporting characters are equally well-draw, especially Wayne and Frank. The setting is a central element of the story, and Reede creates a vivid portrait of Brewster County that not only includes Ferina’s beloved ranch, but also the Dixie Diner, a popular local restaurant. . . . A breezy romance that may appeal to fans of Jodi Thomas or Anna Schmidt.

 – Kirkus Review

Daisy Dukes ‘N Cowboy Boots is a charming, touching, and downright delightful story, filled with enchanting characters and hilarious situations—a thoroughly enjoyable read.

– Regan Murphy, Reviewer

The story is cute, funny, and heartwarming, with some nice spicy love scenes to top it all off. If you’re into Chick Lit at all, you’re going to love it!

– Taylor Jones, Reviewer