Sins of the Sister

Lana Madison is a twenty-three-year-old, unconventional private investigator, who is searching for the men who abducted her identical twin. Lana and Dania are complete opposites, but their bond from birth allows them to share emotions. These brief moments of connection prove to Lana that her twin is still very much alive. Lana suffers flashbacks of past events, which she believes are her sister’s memories, and realizes there are gaps in her own timeline from the day of her sister’s disappearance. She has given up on believing that the police will ever find Dania and is determined to find her sister on her own. But as she gets closer to finding her twin, the barriers that protect Lana’s façade steadily melt away, and now her own life—as well as her sanity—is on the line…

Praise for Sins of the Sister

Reede’s flawed but resolute private eye is an exceptional protagonist. “I’m nobody’s punching bag,” she says—a statement that applies both to social settings and physical confrontations. At the same time, the author shows Lana to be emotionally conflicted, particularly when it comes to romance; she resists her attraction to multiple men (including EJ; Oz; her friend/personal trainer, Favor; and local police detective Samuel Norris), resulting in occasionally awkward—and funny—situations. Scenes from the unnerving stalker’s perspective offer memorable moments, and Lana’s investigation progresses at a steady pace throughout. . . . the extraordinary ending is one that readers won’t easily forget. An absorbing tale with a capable and complex detective.

– Kirkus Review

Sins of the Sister is a classic thriller that keeps the reader involved as Lana navigates the dangerous world of human trafficking. It’s full of characters who might not be what they seem—that’s the thrill of a novel that keeps you guessing all the way to the monumental twist.

– Terri Nolan, The Big Thrill

Filled with marvelous characters, an intriguing plot, and plenty of surprises, Sins of the Sister is one that mystery fans of all ages should love. I couldn’t put it down.

– Regan Murphy