I’m very rusty on posting, so please forgive me if this looks like a hot mess. Hopefully, it will all come back to me. It’s been a wildly busy November. I participated in NaNoWriMo and finished a The Shrouded Isle novella that I’m hoping to publish this month. Book 2 of The Shrouded Isle series will come out in late December. Tartan and Thyme (The Shrouded Isle Book 3) is with the editor and I am editing book 4, Faeries and Flax. The last two books of the series are drafted, so it’s coming together, though much slower than I would like. Here’s the blurb for Bagpipes and Basil (The Shrouded Isle Book 2).

She thought after she moved to the island, all her troubles, both magical and mundane, would be over.

She was wrong

Acceptance on the Shrouded Isle is hard earned.

Becca Shaw has put down roots in Scotland with her two daughters, but even with her roles as Keeper of the forest, witch-in-training, and family peacemaker when relatives visit from the States, she still feels like an outsider.

Adapting to the modern world takes time.

Greg Gillie has been isolated in the forest as the only Keeper for so long. With Becca’s help, when she’s not appeasing her visitors, he integrates more into society even as outside forces loom to disturb the island’s peace.

Can the Keepers discover what’s causing mischief before it’s too late?

The disgruntled villagers at the heart of the pranks want answers, and it’s up to the Keepers and their found family to figure out what, or who, wants to disrupt their world.

Bagpipes and Basil, the second book in the Shrouded Isle series, is filled with mysterious twists and turns with touches of sweet romance that leaves you guessing to the end. This book is a cozy fantasy with generous doses of humor about a family, a courtship, and a community.

Kilts and Catnip will be available for only .99 cents Dec. 10-18. Mark it on your calendars if you haven’t read it yet. One of my short stories is in the anthology, The Haunted Train: Creepy Tales From the Railways. It’s only .99 cents, but only this month.

I hope to post more often in the future.