KarmaFirst off, book, is a misnomer. Most of these are shorter and though some are clearly labeled novellas, I prefer a hearty portion to be longer than what I see here. I began reading the series because I am a fan of books by Elizabeth A. Reeves. I find the saga uneven. There were books I enjoyed, books that were fair and a couple that made me question continuing to read the series.  I’m still reading though. I’ve fallen in love with some of the characters and want to see what happens to them. I am fairly meh about most of the men and want to smack a few, but the women are a different story. My favorite is Amber. Her life is a train wreck, but I love her because she has weathered it all and remained a beautiful soul and a person I would want to know. I like all three of these sisters, but Amber is special because I relate to her the most, though luckily, I’ve not had to struggle through the number of tragedies that she has. I also love Winter Daize. I like the relationship with her and Flint even though I don’t particularly care for him…if that makes sense. I will continue to read the series and have read the sister series, Witches of Karma: Rose Coven. I fervently hope to love the books to follow and, please, hasn’t poor Amber suffered enough?