I am indeed a nervous Nellie. I’ve got two books up for preorder. What was I thinking?!

The gap between publishing the first book of The Shrouded Isle series, Kilts and Catnip, and the second, Bagpipes and Basil, is unacceptable. As an indie author, I simply must publish more regularly and often. I’d promised myself that if I couldn’t get out novels in a timely manner, I’d at least write and publish short stories in between. And I have. The novella, I mentioned in the previous post, and two The Shrouded Isle short stories, one available for free when you sign up for my newsletter. The other, published in an anthology, I plan to expand upon and republish on its own or with other shorter works.

When I wrote my novella, The Happy Christmas Ceilidh, in November, it surprised me how easily the story came together. Normally, I’d never publish something so soon after writing, but I love this winter holiday story. I could have kept it and published it next year, but who knows where I’ll be author-wise then. My fear was if I didn’t share it now, I’d never share it at all. The novella is a stand-alone and a wonderful option for anyone who is curious about my writing and enjoys a sweet tale about love, and  a family and community coming together to help someone. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If I don’t touch base beforehand, Happy holidays to each of you!