Angels (Nevada James #3) (Nevada James Mysteries)

First off, I strongly recommend reading the first two books in the series. Getting to know the main character, Nevada, as she evolves is a real treat. I fully admit, I am a sucker for the flawed hero, that character who has been knocked down so hard that it’s difficult, almost impossible, to bounce back. Taking all these lumps has a large role in defining such characters’ personalities.

I have eagerly awaiting book three in this series and was not disappointed. (Though a shorter wait would be much appreciated for book #4 *gently nudges author*.) In this book, one of Nevada’s informants tries to reach her and is murder before she can tell Nevada her news.  As she attempts to solve her newest case, she finds more than she bargained for and some life-altering news. I loved the crossover and the twists and turns in the tale and can’t wait for the next installation.